Looking for a Different Effect for Your Printed Products?

Corporate identity can be unique by the use of embossing, foil or a both, for business cards, letterhead or other printed media.

Embossing – Is the process of pushing up the surface of the paper by use of a custom die, either alone (blind embossing) or together with ink or foils. This is a way to add dimension to your image.

De-bossing – The opposite of embossing, where the die presses into the paper.

Foil Stamping – We can create a custom die for embossing or de-bossing shiny or matte metallics in colors of foil of your choice. Without or together with embossing, de-bossing, and/or printing.

Engraving – This form of printing we create a custom die for your information, which creates a slight depression into the paper as ink is applied. This can be used for most stationary. (For today’s invitations, especially wedding invitations, the alternative is printing with thermographic inks, creating a quite desirable effect at a more affordable price).

All of these processes require the manufacture of custom dies for the printing process. These dies can be used repeatedly for years to come once created They are worth the investment for that unique look.

We will ensure the highest quality with any print job.No order is too large or too small.

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