Printing Services

Multi-Color Printing

We can accommodate any of your business, corporate, or personal needs with printing in one color or full color on a variety of paper. You can view the many items DIGITAL PRINTING & SIGNS prints on the pages throughout our site. We will ensure the highest quality with any print job. No order is too large or too small.
Offset Printing
We can accommodate any of your business, corporate, or personal needs with printing in one color or full color on a variety of paper. You can view the many items DIGITAL PRINTING & SIGNS prints on the pages throughout our site. We will ensure the highest quality with any print job. No order is too large or too small.
Digital Printing
Take advantage of this new form of technology that may be more cost-effective and efficient for your full color printing projects of smaller quantities. It requires less time than full offset printing and offers more flexibility with printing options.

Graphic-Design and Typesetting

Graphic Design – We Can Provide Such Services As:
– Creation of your corporate identity
– Logo design
– Update of your corporate look or logo
– Marketing ad layouts
– Design of brochures, marketing pieces, annual reports, and any other printed matter you desire
– Work in conjunction with your advertising sources
– Transmittal of logos and/or designed ads to your chosen publishers
-Create invitations or announcements that are higher quality, custom designed, and most cost-effective than standard catalog samples.
– Digital Printing & Signs has a library of images, ranging through every subject area you can think of which can be incorporated into a look, or used to illustrate an idea or concept.- …and more!
Digital Printing & Signs can do typesetting and layout for all your printing needs. This consists of working with or without an existing files. Bring in your sketches, hand-written notes, or simply describe your vision verbally and we will help you to format the text and images to ensure you effectively communicate the information on your document.
Examples of graphic design and typesetting services we have completed in the past can be found on our website.

Digital Printing

Digital Imaging is useful for:
-Small quantities of business cards, brochures, invitations, and catalogs printed in full color
– Real estate flyers
– Emergency runs of printed matter between regular full order printing
– Sales flyers and product sheets
– Reproducing your favorite photo, magazine or other image.
We can output from your CD or file, or we can copy your original.
Digital imaging also allows for flexibility. We will set up a new brochure or business card layout and then allow you to make modifications prior to finalizing the project for full production.

Letterheads and Envelopes

Customize Your Stationery and Envelopes Digital Printing & Signs can print your corporate stationary or projects from your previous sample or recreate the design from scratch. We work with a numerous types of paper in various finishes, colors, and textures combined with all colors of ink, as well as with countless fonts and type styles to create just the right image for you. Additionally we have an extensive art library used by our comprehensive design team to provide you with the top-notch creativity. We will gladly work with your ideas or create a look for you from scratch. With an eye toward practicality We always assist our customers in making the soundest choices about their final product including the appropriate quantities to print as well as the best choice of ink color and paper. We pay close attention to the purpose of your project and the message you want your product to present to viewer. We will ensure your work has a great look while remaining within your budget, to control your ongoing printing costs.

Business Cards

We can print business cards, calling cards, calendar business cards, or appointment cards using one of several printing methods:

Offset Printing
We can print virtually any color(s), any image, and any type style. Here is where your corporate logo will shine, or where all sorts of effects can be used.

– 1 To 4 Color Printing – This can be provided with numerous types of paper and combination of ink colors.

Thermography (Raised Ink)

This process creates a 3-dimensional quality. The ink actually rises above the surface of the paper – a modern alternative to the traditional look of engraved cards at a fraction of the cost:

– Economy – Cards designed within templates that simply require entering your information and some minor formatting adjustments. Available in black, red, light blue, dark blue, burgundy, green, teal, brown, gold, or silver inks.

– Budget – Cards printed with your chosen layout using a variety of font types on a bright white business card stock. Available in all the rainbow color of ink combination.

– Custom – Your business cards can be printed as you like, using standard or special PMS colors on any types of papers – just like regular offset printing, but with texture.

Full Color Business Cards

We offer several types of full color cards:

– Realtor Photo Business Cards – You supply the photo and details. We apply the company logo.

– Super Color Business Cards – Choose from one of dozens of full color graphics. Apply your information, using a variety of layouts, and color ink choices. Unique look!

– Super Photo Business Cards – You supply the photo of yourself, your product or whatever, and details to fit into one of several layouts, with your choice of ink colors.

– Custom Designed Full Color Business Cards – You can have any look you want, including full bleeds on a high quality gloss cover stock.

– Custom Full Color Business Cards – This is where we can do whatever you want – choose the paper, print full color on one or both sides of the cards, add laminations or other coatings. These cards are truly custom. – Prices will vary depending on details.

Digital Printing

Digital Copy Center can create your business cards using digital technology, which allows you the flexibility of printing just a few or many cards at one time.

Other Options

Business cards are available with engraving, embossing, foiling, or even in plastic or magnet material.

In A Hurry? – Our standard full color ink business cards or black ink can be done with a ONE HOUR turnaround.

* Applicable typesetting charges will apply.

A brochure can be as simple or unique as you desire. Your product line or services can be displayed on a sheet either one-sided or two-sided and folded in various methods. Fold out panels or even tear-off sections can be incorporated.

Brochures can achieve the right level of impact for your audience through use of a variety of ink and paper combinations.

Digital Printing & Signs design professionals can work with you to take the right approach for each project on your agenda.

Even if another designer already created your document then consider us to be your source for printing that design into the final product.

Digital Printing & Signs is ready to provide you with most cost-effective solutions for all of your printing needs.

Your brochures can be used in many ways:

– As your corporate introductory document
– As a direct mail marketing piece
– To introduce new products or services
– As a visual representation of your business
– As an event brochure which can include registration forms
– As a catalog of your products or services
– …and much more!

Business Forms
Digital Copy Center can design and print your business forms from an existing format, sketches, other samples, or even from scratch to meet your needs.

We can also print any of your existing business forms.

These are just a few of the forms you may need:

– Applications
– Invoices
– Contracts
– Inventory Sheets
– Order Forms
– Receipts
– Buy/Sell Tickets
– Super bills
– Fax Forms
– Credit Applications
– Gift Certificates
– Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports
– …and more!

Other Options:

Carbonless Forms are available in multiple sheets of 2,3, 4, 5, or more pages that can be printed on one or both sides if necessary.

Digital Printing & Signs can also perform numbering, or perforate your forms at special spots and/or cut them to whatever size you need.

Black & White / Color Copies
Black & White and Color Copies

Whether you need a single quick copy or dozens or thousands of copies of a document, Digital Printing & Signs can help. These copies can then be collated, bound, stapled, or organized in any fashion that you require.

Black & White Copies – We routinely handle projects as small as single copies to multiple page documents. We can also have the copies ready in the future if your project requires ongoing orders in any time frame needed—weekly, monthly, or annually.

Color Copies – We have the highest quality output printing machine. Your copies often come out looking better than your original. Reproduce full color documents presentations up to 12” x 18”

– We can copy from your original, hard copy, or from your digital files.
– We can output on regular weights of paper, gloss, cardstocks, recycled, resume and specialty papers. We would be glad to recommend too. Various weights, and transparencies.

Let Digital Printing & Signs create and print your Newsletters

Newsletters can be sales tools for customers or periodic publications.

Newsletters can be printed in black and white or in color.

If you need help making your newsletter more attractive, cost-effective for on-going printing, and easy to compose from one issue to the next then we can be of assistance. We will guarantee your readers will look forward to receiving your newsletter!

Additional Services Available:

Binding scoring, folding, insertions, and preparation for the mail house

Carbonless Forms
Invaluable Tools for Your Business Carbonless forms offer advantages of tracking your sales, services, bids, estimates, and even activities of your employees. Let us customize your carbonless form with your logo and a format to suit the information you need to record. Eliminate the generic forms from other manufacturers that provide non-specific fields for information. Bring us your specifications and/or a copy of what you would like, and our design staff will create your very own version with ease.

Additional Services Available:

Carbonless Forms are available in multiple sheets of 2,3, 4, 5, or more pages that can be printed on one or both sides if necessary. They also can be printed in color or just black and white. Carbonless forms can be numbered, perforated for tearing, contain a heavy sheet as a final copy, or be formatted as a continuous feed form for your dot matrix printer.

Use Carbonless Forms for:

– Receipts
– Invoices
– Requests for Quotes
– Contracts
– Bids
– Estimates
– Sales Orders
– Inventory Sheets
– Order Forms
– Repair Tickets
– Time Sheets
– Activity Reports
– To Do Lists
– Purchase Orders
– Delivery Slips
– Buy/Sell Tickets
– Service Requests
– Maintenance Orders
– …and more!

Postcards are an innovative method of advertising, informing others of important dates, serving as invitations, or even simple notifications for an address change. They can be printed as a low cost single color project or full color. Digital Printing & Signs offers expertise in layout as well as advising you on what is and isn’t accepted by the United States Postal Service (U.S.P.S.) when it comes to size, paper usage and copy placement. Full Color Postcards Digital Printing & Signs offers top quality full color postcards on high quality gloss cover stock, with black ink included on the 2nd side.
A Great Advertising Tool Digital Printing & Signs can print copies for you in black and white, full color or just one color. Flyers can be advertising tools used as handouts, invitations, announcements, or for many other purposes. They can be printed on one or both sides. We also provide graphic design and typesetting services.
Looking for a Different Effect for Your Printed Products?

Corporate identity can be unique by the use of embossing, foil or a both, for business cards, letterhead or other printed media.

Embossing – Is the process of pushing up the surface of the paper by use of a custom die, either alone (blind embossing) or together with ink or foils. This is a way to add dimension to your image.

De-bossing – The opposite of embossing, where the die presses into the paper.

Foil Stamping – We can create a custom die for embossing or de-bossing shiny or matte metallics in colors of foil of your choice. Without or together with embossing, de-bossing, and/or printing.

Engraving – This form of printing we create a custom die for your information, which creates a slight depression into the paper as ink is applied. This can be used for most stationary. (For today’s invitations, especially wedding invitations, the alternative is printing with thermographic inks, creating a quite desirable effect at a more affordable price).

All of these processes require the manufacture of custom dies for the printing process. These dies can be used repeatedly for years to come once created They are worth the investment for that unique look.

From simple address labels to product labels, tamper-proof labels, food labels, company recognition labels, mailing labels, and more, Digital Printing & Signs is your one-stop label source for all your custom label needs.

We add custom designs and layouts to the hundreds of shapes and sizes of stock labels in a variety of inks, papers and finishes. They can be simple one single color print, or as detailed as full color.

Labels can be provided on rolls, or as sheets of single labels per page. They can be printed on various papers, foil, vinyl or waterproof material.

Some of the many types of labels and their uses:

– Mailing Labels – Both small return address labels, and large shipping labels for outgoing packages
– Product Labels – Made with special adhesives or coatings for use on food products, boxes, as closures on wrappings, for use outdoors, and under various temperatures
– Static Cling – Use removable labels and decals for identification or for limited time offers or events
– Window Decals – permanent or removable. Even viewable from both sides
– Bumper Stickers
– Promotional Labels
– Foil Stamped Labels – give your product or project a shiny foil look
– Numbered Labels – great for marinas or other membership situations as well as many other sequential numbering needs
– Identification – Even tamper-proof
– Political Stickers
– Barcode Labels
– Durable Decals – For labels on equipment and other uses – made to last
– Promotional Calendars
– …and more!

Don’t see what you’re looking for? – Digital Printing & Signs has your solution. Just call us!

Rubber Stamps

Stop that habit of hand writing your return address, bank deposit information, or even your signature? We can make Rubber stamps can be made in a variety of sizes using a variety of different ink colors. Yes require refill after 50,000 stampings!

A great way to regularly thank customers, remind them of special rates or discounts, past dues, remit addresses or instructions, and much more…

We can help you achieve a great look for your image with custom menus:

– Restaurants
– Cafes and Bars
– Salons
– Spas
– Business Services
– …and more!

We can print any quantity of shells or templates for you so you can use them later at your convenience, for printing the current day’s menu using your own desktop laser printer or copier.

Digital Printing & Signs also can provide menus for special events such as weddings, corporate events, or parties. Whether it’s one menu for the buffet table, or one per guest, you can count on Digital Printing & Signs to make your tables look great!

Whether you need programs for a meeting, a theatrical event, a wedding, or a memorial service, Digital Copy Center can help.

Digital Printing & Signs can create and print programs for church events, concerts, or any event, from something as a bookmark to multiple page booklet several pages in length.

We print programs for many annual events. Let us print this year’s program by updating and modifying last year’s format.

Our bindery department can also provide all the collating, folding, stapling needs your program may require.

Attract Attention, Acknowledge Someone, or Promote an Event

To make that professional appearance, nothing speaks louder than quality mounting. We use a variety of thicknesses and mounting materials for your needs to offer that perfect statement. Some mounting materials may need to be special ordered, so talk to us about your project in advance.

Presentation Folders
Make lasting impressions with clients and prospects with a professionally printed custom folder for your organization.

Digital Printing & Signs has varieties of paper stocks for you to choose from, and can place your logo and/or any other images or designs on your folders, along with business card slits on inside pockets.

Folders can be various sizes as well, to accommodate different needs such as:

– Presentations
– Legal Size Folders
– Document Folders
– Key Card Holders
– Travel Documents
– Auto Insurance Document Holders
– Real Estate Document Holders
– …and more!
Digital Printing & Signs can also assist you with the design and printing of coordinating insert sheets to complete your package.

Digital Printing & Signs can produce your project from beginning to end – the design stage completely through any finishing processes.

Binding – We provide:

– Comb Binding
– Coil Binding
– Stapling
– Saddle (Booklet) Stitching
– …and more!

Collating and Inserting – Putting pages in order, even after they have been folded.

Cutting and Trimming

Die Cutting – To create special shapes out of your projects.
Also, tabs – standard and custom.

Drilling – Holes for loose leaf, for legal or medical files, for tying of ribbons, hanging tags, and more…

Folding – From a simple single fold, to multiple or precision special folds.

Hand Work – Special finishing services ranging from stuffing envelopes to tying ribbons, and more…

Numbering – Single to multiple positions. For invoices, raffle tickets, receipts, and many other applications.

Padding – The making of note pads, invoice and receipt pads, etc…

Perforating – For perfect separations. Pinky’s Printing can even perforate plain paper with custom positioning for use in your office printers for generating invoices statements, etc…

Scoring – This allows for a proper fold of thicker weights of papers, preventing damage to your project.

Stapling – From a single staple – to saddle stitching. Used to make booklets.
Perfect Binding – Use our perfect binding services for a professional quality book bind with wrap-around covers.
Tape Binding – Create a permanently bonded, professional-looking document with our tape binding service. A strip of thermo-activated adhesive is used to create a strong bond and give a finished appearance to your documents.
Laminating – Increases the durability of your frequently used documents. Spiral Binding is another great option when you wish your wide open booklet to lay flat on the table.

We can produce tickets for your special event, from simple black and white to stunning full-color. We can also number and perforate your tickets for security and ease of handling.
CD & DVD Design and Printing
With the latest and state of the art technology, we provide full color digital printing, mono or full color thermal printing, full color laser or inkjet printing, and 6-color silk screen printing for CD ROM and DVD ROM surfaces. We will assist you in all stages of the printing process to ensure the final results exceed your expectations.

CD Archiving and Duplication

We can create CDs to store your files and provide you as many copies as you need. With larger quantities, we can also personalize the surface of the CD or CD case with images and text.

Notary Public and Fax Services
We can authenticate your signature with our Public Notary Services. We also allow you to receive or send faxes and scan any documents so that you have the ease of retaining an electronic copy.

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